Which marketing solution is right for you?
Choosing a marketing platform for your business is no easy task, so we’ve compiled a few
resources to help you pick one that best suits your needs.

All-in-one marketing solutions.

See how VC Store compares

1. Flip cart vs. VC Store

Looking for an all-in-one marketing solution for your small business? While Flipcart can be a great option for some folks, VC Store offers many of the same powerful features as Flip cart sometimes at a third of the price.¹

2. Amazon vs. VC Store

VC Store and Amazon both provide Multivendor option and web support, but VC Store gives you more sophisticated marketing tools² to target your customers, track your results, and get better each step of the way.

3. Own Web or App vs. VC Store

VC Store and Own Web or App each have tools to help you take your business online and develop a marketing plan, but with VC Store, you’ll get more of the audience management, marketing, and reporting tools³ that you need to grow.

4. Social Media vs. VC Store

VC Store and Social Media both offer affordable ways to launch and grow an online presence for your business, but VC Store gives you access to more of the tools⁴ you need to reach—and engage with—your audience.

5. Other Multivendor App vs. VC Store

VC Store and Other Multivendor App are two of the most popular marketing platforms for small businesses, but there are a few key differences. With VC Store you get access to more automation options, more ways to reach your customers, and more reporting features—all at a comparable price.⁵

6. New Application vs. VC Store

Need an Online marketing solution that will help you drive sales and ROI for your business? You may be surprised to learn that while new App costs about 5 times more than VC Store for your Business, they offer fewer marketing features, fewer marketing channels, and fewer integrations, too.

7. Web or App Developer vs. VC Store

If you do business locally, you might be debating between VC Store and Web or App Developer for your app marketing, automation, or transactional support. Before making your decision, consider this: Web or App Developer doesn’t offer as many audience management or reporting tools as VC Store.